WP Telegram Pro
Absolute WordPress Telegram integration with premium features

PRO Feature #1

Multiple Bots

You can add multiple bots to use for different modules and channels.

For example, you can use one bot for Post to Telegram and another for notifications. You can even use separate bot for each channel 🙂

PRO Feature #2

Multiple Post to Telegram Instances

You can create as many instances of Post to Telegram as you want and then configure them whatever way you want – based upon category, tag, author, post type, custom taxonomy etc.

For example, you may want to send posts from Category A to Channel A and posts from Category B to Channel B and so on.

PRO Feature #3

Multiple Message Templates

Since you can create multiple instances of Post to Telegram, it also means that you can create specific templates based upon category, tag, author etc. and also specific template for specific channel.

PRO Feature #4

Custom Reaction and URL buttons

You can add your own custom reaction and URL buttons with custom labels and links which can then be used in Post to Telegram messages.

PRO Feature #5

Awesome Inline keyboard

You can add the existing or your custom buttons to messages whichever way you want. You can create multiple button rows and multiple buttons in a row.

PRO Feature #6

Instant “Send to Telegram

From WordPress post list table, you can select post(s) to directly send them to Telegram, without the need to edit and update the post.


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Live support Live chat support is available right in your Telegram App 🙂

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