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Getting Started with WP Telegram Pro

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WP Telegram Pro is a WordPress plugin that can give you absolute control over Telegram integration on your website. It can help you send posts from you WordPress site to your Telegram channel automatically with lots of features to control the behavior. It also allows you and your website users to receive email notifications on Telegram.

WP Telegram Pro comes with three basic modules:

1. Post to Telegram

With this module, you can control how your posts are sent to Telegram. You can create multiple instances of Post to Telegram and set a different channel and rules for each instance.

1. Private Notifications

This module allows you and your users (if you enable it for them) to receive email notifications on Telegram via your own bot. It watches every email sent from your website and finds the Telegram ID of the user using that email address and then sends that email to Telegram using that ID.

3. Proxy

You may not this module at all if your hosting server is not in a country that blocks Telegram. This module helps you bypass that ban on Telegram by using different proxy options available.

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