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In Post to Telegram instances, you can attach additional media to your messages that are sent to Telegram.

Goto WP Telegram Pro > P2TG Instances and edit the instance that you want to attach the media to. You should see some thing like this after you click on Add Media buttons:

You can add two types of media:

  1. Media Group, which can contain videos or photos that are sent as a group to Telegram
  2. Single Media, which can be an individual Animation (GIF), Audio, Document, Photo or a Video. This is sent separately.

Every media should have a source, which is a template where you can specify the template tags (usually custom fields) which provide the source (URL or attachment ID) for the media.

For example, if you want to send:

  1. a document that is added to ACF field named document, then you can use {acf:document} in the source.
  2. a photo the URL of which is added to a custom field named cover_photo, then you can use {cf:cover_photo} in the source

NOTE! The source value must be a URL to a file, not the URL of a stream page like YouTube etc.

Optionally, you can add caption to each individual media, where you can add anything that you add to Message Template. Please keep in mind that Telegram sets a limit of 1024 characters on caption.

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